SoleFest Miami – January 10, 2016 Recap

SoleFest started off the year with a bang at the University of Miami on January 10th!

Doors didn’t open until 12pm but by 11am the venue was already packed with vendors scrambling to get everything prepared for a great event.

Fans of all ages piled into the Bank United Center at the University of Miami on Sunday afternoon. Exclusive kicks of all types were spotted at SoleFest Miami. Yeezy’s, Lebron’s, Jordan’s, Asics, PE’s, Ultraboosts, Dunks, Air Forces, your favorite customs and much more!

Fans were buying, selling, and trading all day! We also had many raffles and giveaways through out SoleFest Miami!

The first winner of the day received an official SoleFest T-Shirt. Christian Rubio grabbed his size SoleFest shirt with the winning ticket!

VIP ticket holders at SoleFest are automatically entered into the main raffle for the SoleFest Prize Pack as well as the exclusive VIP only raffle which is limited to only 50 entries. Alain Castineira was the VIP raffle winner at SoleFest Miami! Alain took home a brand new pair of Way of Wades courtesy of one our sponsors, The Edition Boutique!

Hoop Culture always shows love for SoleFest and always loves to hook fans up at the show! The Hoop Culture Prize Pack was raffled off to a lucky winner at 3:30 at SoleFest Miami! Joseph Wiener came out victorious winning enough prizes to be covered from head to toe, all courtesy of Hoop Culture!

It wouldn’t be a sneaker event if we didn’t acknowledge any of the HEAT at SoleFest Miami! The Sneaker of SoleFest competition had many applicants but only one received the most votes online! The fans voted for the Nike SB “Pigeon” as the Sneaker of SoleFest Miami! Congrats to Chase Pordes, who took home $100 cash at SoleFest Miami!

It seemed like a never ending line to purchase raffle tickets at SoleFest Miami. Ticket holders were entered into every raffle through out the day leading up to the main event, The SoleFest Prize Pack! The winner of the Prize Pack got to choose from 9 of the hottest kicks available. After much hype and patience, Jack Stoll’s ticket number was called! Jack chose a brand new pair of Nike “Hologram” Foamposites!

SoleFest has nothing but love for our fans but we realize we wouldn’t have a great event without great vendors as well! SoleFest always rewards the Best Vendor Display. We figured, who would know the most about a display? Maybe our sponsor, The Edition Boutique, since they have the dopest sneaker boutique in South Florida! We teamed up with The Edition Boutique to chose the Best Vendor Display at SoleFest Miami. Congrats to Gabriel, who was chosen and took home $100 cash at SoleFest Miami!

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend SoleFest Miami! It was a great event and we could not have done it without you! A special thanks to the sponsors of SoleFest, The Edition Boutique and Hoop Culture!

Check out the pictures below and see if you and your friends made the recap!

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