SoleFest Naples – November 9, 2014

When we decided to expand SoleFest to Naples we thought it would be a good time and Naples didn’t disappoint one bit. The crowd was excited to have us and we were just as excited to be there. Trust us when we say not to sleep on Naples as it is a growing community of sneaker heads with a lot of heat!

We had hundreds of fans come in and out to North Collier Park in Naples to buy, sell and trade with the 25 vendors who filled the room with Jordan’s, Nike’s Louis Vuitton’s and more. We wanted to make sure everyone had a great time so we made sure to giveaway some great prizes throughout the day. First we gave away one of our SoleFest t-shirts to a lucky fan in the crowd. We gave our VIP ticket holders a 1 in 25 chance to win the VIP raffle and AdamĀ ended up going home with the Air Jordan 14 “Thunders”. We teamed up with The Edition Boutique and gave Naples a taste of Miami by giving away a pair of Li-Ning Way of Wade 2 Low “305’s” and Dominic Pappalardo won the pair. We didn’t stop there, we had to give away one more pair in the recent release of the Air Jordan 13 “Hologram’s” which went to Joey.

We don’t just give out tons of shoes but we also give away some cold hard cash and a really big check! The SoleFest Best Sneaker Bracket had some serious heat for our 8 contenders with Bin 9’s, Bin 13’s, Pre-Heat’s, Yeezy’s, Concord’s, LeBron Sample’s but the winner was Taber Chadwick who took home $100 cash with his pair of all red Louis Vuitton Don’s, there was really no competition. Our vendors brought a lot of great kicks to Naples but only one could be crowned champion and with a killer display and amazing kicks to match, Hustle Soles took home the $100 cash prize.

If you didn’t make it out then you missed out on some great vendors like Just Kicks, a local Southwest Florida Boutique with great kicks and people. Proper Apparel brought some dope clothing and accesorries while The Edition Boutique brought tons of Wade’s and Jordan’s. Sneaker Union USA showed Southwest Florida what a great sneaker boutique looks like all the way from Hollywood, Florida and Micheal Jaye brought art to life at SoleFest including a special piece made for the event seen in honor of the Jordan Holograms we gave away.

We had a great time in Naples and we hope all of you did too. If you missed out make sure to get your shoes ready for when we come back in March 2015. Until next time, see you later Naples!

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