SoleFest Orlando – April 10, 2016 Recap

It’s always nice to return back to the city where it all started. Fans were in full force at SoleFest Orlando on campus at the University of Central Florida!

The day started early with vendors filling the venue preparing their displays for the show. Hundreds of the most exclusive kicks from across Florida were seen in the Education Complex at UCF.

Fans lined up early, but doors opened at 12pm for VIP and General Admission. SoleFest Orlando was packed from start to finish, as fans bought, sold, and traded kicks until 5pm. There were plenty of chances for everyone to win at SoleFest Orlando!

The first raffle was at 1pm. Steve Mathura was the first winner of the day. Steve took home the Hoop Culture Package, as well as a set of Magic Wipes for his kicks!

At 2pm, it was time for another raffle. Jackson Stephen Moon took home a Hoop Culture Package, as well as a couple Retrof8te shirts and Orlando Magic tickets!

Every VIP ticket is automatically entered into a VIP only raffle, which is limited to 50 entrees. Roberto Ayala had the winning ticket, taking home a brand new pair of Jordan Retro “Aqua” 8’s.

Hundreds of raffle tickets were purchased through out the day leading up to the main raffle at 4pm. The stars aligned for Rafael Castillo. He had the winning ticket at SoleFest Orlando, taking home a brand new pair of Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost!

Tara Daniels stuck around and came up on a free pair of Orlando Magic tickets. Jackson Moon had another winning ticket, taking home an authentic Orlando Magic jersey!

Raffles are huge at SoleFest but we love to acknowledge heat at each event as well. The Best Vendor Display at SoleFest Orlando went to Katherine Goosey with Closet Kicks, and the Sneaker of SoleFest was awarded to London Gowins with his fresh pair of Red October Nike Air Yeezy 2’s!

Thank you to everyone that was able to attend SoleFest Orlando! Don’t forget to check out the pics below to see if you and your friends made the recap!

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