SoleFest Orlando – August 3, 2013

Happy Anniversary! Yes, that’s right SoleFest has just turned a year old and we couldn’t be happier or prouder of it.

We took over Tier, Orlando’s greatest lounge, and made it a day to remember. We raffled off the Air Jordan 4 “Toro Bravo’s” and the lucky fan Bryan got the prize and some great stuff from our regular vendor Rays Jays.

We put the vendors to the test and the best sneaker table was voted upon by the entire SoleFest team and David Prociak won the $100 cash prize for all of his heat on his table. Then we put everyone’s sneakers to the test with our sneaker battle. Judged by Tier’s owner Romi and without much challenge, Rafat won our $100 cash prize with his Nike Reverse LeBronald Palmers.

It was a celebration everyone enjoyed. We can’t thank our fans enough for the support you all have given us throughout the last year and we look forward to the next year with you all!

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