SoleFest Tampa – May 7, 2016 Recap

SoleFest made it back to Tampa for another great event. Hundreds of fans packed the Tampa Convention Center to buy, sell, and trade the most exclusive kicks last Saturday from 12 to 5pm!

Fans packed the venue well before doors opened, waiting anxiously for SoleFest Tampa as vendor’s set up inside. VIP tickets and vendor tables were SOLD OUT for SoleFest Tampa. We had a packed house from start to finish.

Raffles began at 1pm for fans in attendance. Matthew Kosloski was our first winner, taking home a brand new SoleFest t-shirt, Swift Kick cleaning pack, and a pair of Rope Laces from the Rope Lace Store!

The Fresh Empire was in attendance at SoleFest Tampa, with an amazing display and interactive section for fans to check out. Fresh Empire teamed up with SoleFest to raffle off a brand new pair of Air Jordan “Royal” 1 low’s at 2pm. Derek McComiskey had the winning ticket!

VIP ticket holders at SoleFest are automatically entered into the General raffle, as well as a limited VIP only raffle (limited to 50 entrees). John Macdonald had the winning VIP ticket, taking home a brand new pair of Air Jordan “Bordeaux” Retro 7’s!

Corey Crow came out victorious, taking home a mini SoleFest Prize Pack during a random raffle for the fans!

The day flew by quickly as fans exchanged kicks with each other as well as the vendors. Raffles took place every hour, as fans at SoleFest Tampa purchased hundreds of ticket in hopes of winning something exclusive at the show. Matthew Kosloski, pulled a double header on Saturday. Winning our first raffle of the day and our last, The SoleFest Yeezy Raffle. Matt took home a brand new pair of Adidas Yeezy “Pirate Black” 350 Boost!

The vendors make the show as much as the fans at SoleFest! We are extremely grateful to have such great vendors in attendance at SoleFest Tampa and every event. While there was TONS of heat and great displays at every table, Will Gaglardi won Best Display at SoleFest Tampa!

Thank you to everyone that was able to attend SoleFest Tampa! Special thanks to our sponsors Hoop Culture and the Rope Lace Store!

Don’t forget to check out the photos below and see if you and your friends made it in the recap!

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