SoleFest West Palm Beach – July 9, 2016 Recap

We tried to warn you. Tickets and vendor tables were available for 3 months leading up to SoleFest West Palm Beach (same for every city). All pre-sale options sold out the last week leading up to the show. Fans and vendors lined up anxiously at 9am to buy, sell, and trade the most exclusive collections of sneakers in South Florida.

Doors opened to the public at 12pm. 50 vendors, from in and out of Florida, and 700+ fans filled the Palm Beach Convention Center for a great show on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

There were many raffles and giveaways at SoleFest West Palm Beach. Fans had multiple chances to win while scrambling to find the best deals through out the day.

Ryan Cunningham was the first winner of the day. Taking home a prize pack courtesy of our sponsors, Hoop Culture and Retrof8te!

Bryan Benavent won a brand new pair of Way of Wades courtesy of our sponsor, The Edition Boutique.

VIP Ticket holders are automatically entered into the SoleFest Yeezy Raffle, as well as the VIP only Retro Raffle. Joseph Kattoura had the winning VIP ticket, walking away with a brand new pair of Air Jordan Retro 11 “Cherry” lows!

The main event at SoleFest is the Yeezy Raffle. Fans have the opportunity to purchase as many tickets as they like with a chance to win a brand new pair of Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost! Dean Ismajli had the winning ticket, taking home a brand new pair of Adidas Yeezy “Oxford tan” 350 Boost!

We love our fans and followers but SoleFest would not be what it is today without our vendors. SoleFest awards the “Best Vendor Display” at every event. Congrats to Marcello Viliborghi and Kicks on the Run! They received $100 cash at SoleFest West Palm Beach!

Thank you to everyone that was able to attend the show! We had a great time and we hope you enjoyed yourself as well.

Special thanks to our sponsors, The Edition Boutique, Retrof8te, Hoop Culture, and Fresh Empire!

Check out the pics below and see if you and your friends made it into the recap!

Photography courtesy of friedcurry.

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