SoleFest West Palm Beach – March 6, 2016 Recap

What can we say. We’ve been to West Palm Beach a few times now. Every show seems to out do the previous one, this event was no different.

Doors opened at 12pm for SoleFest West Palm Beach on March 6th but the venue was packed by 11:00am with vendors and fans with Early Access passes, discussing trades and kicks early on.

Hundreds of fans remained patient as long lines formed once doors opened. Fans waited with heat of all sizes, ranging from Yeezys to Retros to Balenciaga’s to SB’s to YSL’s to Brons to Boosts and even white Vans.

SoleFest is known for raffles and giveaways at each show. Starting at 1pm, the first prize was raffled off. Charlie Murphy took home a brand new SoleFest T-Shirt!

Time was flying on Sunday, by 2pm it was time for another raffle at SoleFest West Palm Beach. Courtesy of one of our sponsors, The Edition BoutiquePaul Cangero had the winning ticket for a brand new pair of Way of Wades!

An hour later we had a packed house. Absolutely slammed. It was time for the VIP’s to shine at SoleFest. Gevorg Mnatsakanyan came out victorious. Winning a brand new pair of Jordan Retro Chrome 6 Low’s with his VIP ticket.

SoleFest gives everyone the chance to win. Most fans try their chances in the raffles but quite a few bring such exclusive heat that must be entered into the Sneaker of SoleFest competition. Fans online and in attendance participate, voting for the best shoe at SoleFest. Carlos Herrarte received the most votes for his pair of Nike SB “What the Dunks”! Carlos took home $100 cash.

There comes a time at every SoleFest where the grand prize must be awarded. Fans entered hundreds of tickets all day with a chance to win a brand new pair of Adidas Yeezy “Pirate Black” 350 Boost. All VIP fans at SoleFest were automatically entered into the Yeezy raffle. At 4pm, the ticket was pulled. Sergio Tortelli was the chosen one, taking home a brand new pair of Yeezy’s.

SoleFest West Palm Beach was incredible. The day flew by and fans bought, sold, and traded kicks from doors open to close. While we absolutely love our fans, SoleFest wouldn’t be a successful event without our vendors. We greatly appreciate each vendor that attends all events and we look forward to giving back. The vendor with the Best Display at SoleFest West Palm Beach was Soled Out Miami!

Thank you to everyone that was able to attend and be apart of SoleFest West Palm Beach! A special thanks to our sponsors Hoop Culture and The Edition Boutique!

Don’t forget to check out the pics below and see if you made it into the recap for SoleFest West Palm Beach!

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