SoleFest West Palm Beach – October 17, 2015 Recap

West Palm Beach never disappoints, SoleFest took over the Palm Beach Convention Center yet again for another awesome event.

Fans and vendors filled the room from 12 – 5pm buying, selling, and trading the most sought after kicks on the market.

The first 10 fans that arrived received complimentary sneaker cleaner courtesy of EB Kicks at SoleFest West Palm Beach.

Raffles and giveaways started early. Our first winner, taking home an official SoleFest T-Shirt, was Myrick Mitchell!

A few minutes later, the fans demanded another opportunity to win. Reggie Duhart won an official SoleFest T-Shirt, SoleFest West Palm Beach Poster, SoleFest Sneaker Convention wristband and the EB Kicks Sneaker Cleaner Kit!

VIP ticket owners at SoleFest West Palm Beach received 5 tickets for the General raffle, as well as 1 ticket for the VIP raffle that was limited to 30 entries. Jose Salas had the winning ticket, adding a brand new pair of Air Jordan “Hare” 7’s to his collection!

Everyone in attendance had the opportunity to enter their hottest kick into the Sneaker of SoleFest competition. Fans in attendance and online could vote for the “Best Sneaker” at SoleFest West Palm Beach. Dakota Cypress received the most votes with the Jordan Fusion 13’s, winning the $100 cash prize!

The main event at SoleFest is the the general raffle which gives fans the choice of 9 of the hottest kicks to choose from if their ticket is chosen. All day fans entered hundreds of tickets hoping they are called to choose from the exclusive SoleFest Prize Pack. Kendrall Johnson was called! Kendrall chose a fresh pair of Black 11lab4’s from the SoleFest Prize Pack!

Vendors do not go unnoticed at SoleFest. Each vendor table is automatically entered into the Best Vendor Display competition to see what unique heat they bring to the show. Sneak Peek Luxury had everyone in attendance asking about their collection. It was close, but in the end Sneak Peek Luxury was crowned Best Vendor at SoleFest West Palm Beach, winning the $100 cash prize!

We appreciate all the support from our fans and vendors that were in attendance at SoleFest West Palm Beach!

Check out the photos below to see if you made into the recap for SoleFest West Palm Beach!

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