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solefest x hoop culture

SoleFest x Hoop Culture

SoleFest is proud to announce that Hoop Culture is now our national sponsor for 2016!

SoleFest brings a love for sneakers and kicks, most of which were popularized by Jordan and other great basketball players on and off the court.

Hoop Culture represents the love and passion for the game of basketball from head to toe (shoe). It only made sense to bring the two together and unite our fans of sneakers and basketball in perfect harmony.

Throughout the rest of the year, not only will Hoop Culture be giving away a ton of great prizes, but you can expect some great collaborations along the way.

Make sure to check out their website, social media, and brand new app! Read below to learn more about Hoop Culture and their mission.

Hoop Culture was founded in 2010 to change the lives of those who love basketball for the better. Today, Hoop Culture is a lifestyle street wear brand that makes a statement on and off the court for those of us who live and breathe basketball.

Hoop Culture combines the best of both worlds, between life and style, creating a lifestyle brand that represents the unyielding passion and commitment that unites winners.

The pursuit of greatness knows no boundaries. No color barriers. No physical limitations. Hoop Culture is only bound by the love of the game. And it has the power to change everything.


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SoleFest Spotlight – Sole Commander

Check out our newest sponsor Sole Commandera new online retail store for Deadstock and VNDS sneakers. Whether you are looking for an OG, Quickstrike or recent release you can find what you’re looking for in their shop.

A variety of brands, sizes and prizes you can find anything and everything on their website with new kicks popping up every day. Stay updated on their products by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Learn more about Sole Commander and pick up a pair of kicks from them when they pop up shop at SoleFest West Palm Beach on May 17th.



SoleFest Spotlight – Sole Wrapz

Meet our newest sponsor, Sole Wrapz, a company dedicated to keeping your sole as clean as possible. Sole Wrapz is a clear protective removable film that will protect your sole from stains, debris, scuffs, wear, liquids and more. The unique thing about Sole Wrapz is the non-skid heel and toe drag guarz that improve wear and provide traction on any surface. 

Don’t waste time cleaning your soles over and over again. Avoid unnecessary yellowing of your soles. Stay clean, keep them fresh and head over to Sole Wrapz to learn more about them and how they can help your shoe game. 

You can buy Sole Wrapz and learn more about their product from stopping by their table at SoleFest West Palm Beach on May 17th.